Take a look inside Luke Bryan’s Florida Retreat, Country Music Star

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Luke Bryan, country music star and his family built a four-story Florida beach home lovingly called “Snowman”.

Florida Snowman

Although snowmen are not common on Florida’s beaches, we do know of at least one. The four-story, beachfront home of country music star Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline, perched on Santa Rosa’s powdery sand, is named “Snowman” after Luke’s brother Chris. The name refers to a sport Chris enjoyed (golf), and the funny bit of slang that golfers use to score an eight on one hole.

Caroline says that Chris was not a great golfer. “Snowman” was his nickname. “We named our farm Red Bird Farm in honor of Luke’s sister, and also wanted to honor Chris.”

You can relax in the room

The nickname of the house is not the only family-centric aspect. The couple used the house as a vacation home, along with their sons Tate and Bo, and their nephew Til, who they adopted after the deaths Luke’s sister, her husband, and her parents. Snowman is a specialist in family downtime, which is a rare resource for such a busy crew.

Country Music Star Luke Bryan’s Florida Retreat
Country Music Star Luke Bryan’s Florida Retreat

Chad James, their long-time designer, says that Luke, Caroline and the boys are always on the move. They can relax and check out the outside world from this space. They can shut down from the outside for a while.”

The home is a relaxing retreat for the family and their guests. The large, open spaces allow for time to be shared while taking advantage of the unique draw of the area: stunning ocean views.

Large-scale, slipcovered furniture transforms what could have been a formal living space into a place for casual gatherings. The room’s neutral palette is accented by the blue of horizon and unites with the room’s keystone, a pale-blue and yellow rug.

Ocean Views Around

James says, “I love walking into an arts gallery and finding a piece that grabs me,” “That’s exactly the feeling we wanted for this house. It’s all about the ocean view.

Take A Look inside Country Mus’c Star Luke Bryan’s Florida
Take A Look inside Country Mus’c Star Luke Bryan’s Florida

The structure needed to be completely redesigned in order to highlight these views. The house was built in 1988 and had what James calls a “Miami Vice meets Dynasty” vibe. To give it an updated beachfront-with-Southern-style appeal, architect Geoff Chick was brought on board to add a fourth story and reimagine the dated layout.

From the moment guests enter the door, the ocean view is visible until the time they leave the poolside.

Natural and neutral

The palette is a delicate blend of neutrals that reflects the sea and sand. James says, “We wanted to tap into external elements.” I have a favorite spot: where the water meets with the sky. It is always a gorgeous dark blue. It was used as an accent color. Everything else draws from the palette of sand & sea grass: neutral, natural colours.

The house is adorned with natural materials and this organic design weaves its way throughout. The kitchen features milk glass-hued cabinets, which were chosen to counter the intense sun. They are paired with a mosaic marble backsplash and Alabama White marble countertops. These add shine and polish to the casual appeal of the slipcovered stools by Lee Industries. Luke’s salvaged heart pine floors from a Georgia factory add weight and patina.

Low-Key, Beach-Friendly

The kitchen and adjacent keeping room were designed to be casually beach-friendly. James chose to have several smaller eating areas than one large table in order to accommodate large groups and tete-a-tetes. For low-key meals or snacks, slipcovered bar stools can be seen pointing up at the island. A painted table with rolling seats and rolling chairs is ideal for casual dinners. A painting by Megan Lightell, part of a cozy corner with a beaded chandelier on the third tier is located at one end.

Unexpected Art

James says, “I love the mystery of hanging art in unexpected places and the unexpected moments that come along with it.” The view is the most important thing about this house, but we didn’t feel that we had to close every window. It is amazing that you can see the sheer behind the painting. This veil allows us to hang the amazing piece.

This corner is graced with a Revival beaded chandelier. James states that scale is crucial. I like light fixtures to feel grander.

Simple steps

The simple stairway is lit by a large window and Sherwin Williams’ “Ceiling Bright White”. The space is adorned with art.


James painted the shiplap walls in the master bedroom a soft, ethereal grey. Bungalow Classic has the cerused oak four poster.

Caroline says, “This is where Luke can relax and not run 100 mph per hour.” “We usually have all five of our children here. Nothing is better. Luke is a great fisherman, making him one of the most happy men on the Gulf.


James states, “I like things unisex.” “The tub’s graceful curve balances the home’s straighter lines.

Hobbies displayed

A vintage tennis court marker is a tribute to Caroline’s love for tennis.

We are able to accommodate

The fourth floor has a bunk room, entertainment area and a kitchenette. This vacation home can accommodate overnight guests. Williams-Sonoma offers bistro chairs.

There is space for everyone

You can escape to the sea with nautical-chic bunks or a fourth-floor family space.

Nautical Influences

For a nautical bathroom, porthole mirrors can be used in conjunction with a Thomas O’Brien pendant lamp.

Be our guest

The colors of the ocean still dominate, but the design is now more nautical with navy and white stripes covering bunks and furniture. However, the overriding theme is family and true-blue hospitality.

All in One

The guest room’s blue bed is complemented by a striped accent pillow and a tufted headboard by MGBW Home.

Small Details

This well-equipped guest bathroom has a finishing touch: black frames for family photos.

Porch swinging

Hanging daybeds with a nautical theme offer stunning views from one of the many rooms.

Style Dining

The terrace is located off the living area and serves as the “formal” dining space. Skyline Design’s white wicker chairs are set around an oak-top antique table that has been naturally weathered and waxed.

Catch the Wave

Outdoor showers look great with colorful vintage surfboards.

Portrait of a Family

James states, “This is a house for families where they can make memories and create moments.” That was our goal.

Here Luke Bryan and Caroline Bryan pose together with their nieces Kris, Jordan, nephew Til and their sons Tate, Bo.

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