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Many homeowners agree that a smaller apartment is a blessing. A smaller apartment means lower monthly costs, less cleaning, and easier maintenance.

But, small homes can’t replace the spaciousness and comfort that big homes offer. There is no substitute for having lots of space.

The best furniture for small apartments is able to maximize space and provide comfort and coziness.

Double-duty furniture is great for small apartments. You will have more space, as well as plenty of storage and options.

Explore the Bed Options for Small Apartments

Every home needs a bed. Although it should be comfortable and inviting, the bed can take up much space. You might consider other practical options for your bed, as small apartments have limited space.

  • Murphy bed – Murphy beds are a very popular choice for small rooms. They conceal the sleeping space and match any interior design. Many have additional cabinets that can be positioned on the sides to conceal the sleeping area from visitors.
  • Cabin bed – The high cabin bed opens up the space below to create a home office, or creative workspace.
  • Use raised wooden platforms to conceal the bed. Under it, you can create a living area, home office or library.
  • Loft over a Kitchen – If your ceiling is high, you might consider putting a bed above the kitchen or another functional space. To reach the bed you will need to use stairs or ladders. You can use the space under the stairs to create additional storage. You can either leave it open to be used as shelves or use customized doors to close it.
  • If your space is small, you might consider investing in a sofa. Although it takes up less space than regular beds, it is still a comfortable option. A pull-out sofa in the living room will give you more sleeping space if you have guests.

Fold-Down Dining Table

While the kitchen is the heart of every home’s interior, the living and dining areas are where the memories are made. These two spaces are rarely used together in small apartments. It is therefore crucial to find ways to make each space functional.

This refers to optimizing bulky furniture such as dining tables into functional living rooms. Many creative folding furniture options are perfect for small spaces such as folding tables.

These pieces can be “packed” so that they take up very little space. These furniture pieces are often equipped with wheels that can be moved to the side of your room.

A console table of high quality can be transformed into a 10-person dining table and four folding chairs can be stored inside.

If you want to save even more space, you could opt for a wall mounted floating table. You can decorate the underside of the table with wall art or chalkboards. This will give it a decorative function when folded against the wall.

Ottomans and storage benches

Extra storage space is a benefit to every home, regardless of how small or large. Furniture designers have created unique and stylish furniture pieces that can be matched to any interior design.

You can use the storage benches to create a reading area under your windows. You can also use them to add a second sitting area around the coffee table for guests.

Ottomans are the same. These ottomans don’t take up much space and can be customized in a variety of styles, colors and textures to add the right vibe to any home.

Double-Duty Room Dividers

It can be difficult to plan the perfect layout in a studio apartment. You will need to think of ways to separate the spaces in order to fit the living, kitchen, dining, and bedroom together into one space.

It is easy to create the illusion of different rooms by using folding panels. If you are a book lover, another option is to use kallax Ikea shelves instead of walls.

You can also install a curtain rod on the ceiling or on an upper wall to provide privacy between your bedroom and the rest.

Heavy-duty curtains can add texture and vertical decor to your home, opening up space for color and patterns. However, it is important to ensure that your bed does not face a window so that the natural light from the sun doesn’t get blocked.

Bookcases in Ladder-Style

Bookcases in ladder-style are a popular choice for small apartments. These bookcases look stylish and can be used to store books, decorations, or plants.

They can also be used to hang towels, make vertical gardens, and many other uses. There are so many possibilities. Even if you are bored with your current setup, it is possible to change things up!

Double-Duty Coffee Table

A coffee table is a key piece of furniture in every home. You use it most often because it is the main place you spend your time at home.

When furnishing an apartment, it is important to think of stylish ways to make it both practical and fashionable. A classic trunk can be used as a table and provides ample storage for household items.

You can also store spare pillows, blankets or throws inside if your trunk is large enough.

Floor Lamp with Attached Table

A floor lamp in your bedroom or living room is a sign that you are a tasteful designer. It can also double as a practical furniture option for smaller apartments.

Light and side tables are never enough, so why not combine them? A floor lamp with attached tables next to your bed can double as a nightstand or ambient light.

This is especially useful if you enjoy reading before you fall asleep.

Windowsill Dining Nook

Many people overlook the awkward corners or unusable parts of a room. This could be a great solution to the space problems.

A simple update to a foldable wood board can make a small table that looks out onto a window. If you don’t have the space for a large, fold-up table or are living alone, a windowill can be used to create a desk.

Foldable Workspace Station

Vertical surfaces are the key to space optimization. Walls can be used to not only hold your art but also to increase the space in your apartment.

This is particularly important if your work requires you to be away from home. You can’t just work from your bed to improve focus and productivity. Despite the fact that you have limited space, a home office is not ideal.

You can install a foldable workspace station to your wall. You can keep your paperwork, laptop, and other work-related items there. It can be closed when you are done and will look great on a wall.

The key is usually included with these stations so that you can protect your work privacy. You can also use the station to fold up for another purpose if you have to return to work.

There are many options.


It is not easy to downsize. All the things from your old home are still there and can’t be moved into your new condo.

It’s easy to move a condo from one space to another. However, it can be difficult to make your old apartment work in the new location.

You will need to be creative when choosing bulky furniture options.

You can make your interior design more functional, stylish, and comfortable if you consider all options.

Apartments are an ongoing work in progress. They require creativity and occasionally investments to adapt to modern-day needs.

Double-duty furniture is a great way to keep small apartments clean and tidy while also storing clutter.

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