How to Make a Google Home Shopping List

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If you don’t know how to use the Google Home Shopping List, it can be difficult to find it on multiple platforms. Here’s how to create a Google Home Shopping list using Google Assistant, Google Express, and on a desktop platform.

How to create a Google Shopping List using Google Home

  1. Google Home: Open it
  2. Use voice commands or push the menu button in the app
  3. Choose from more settings
  4. Shop our shopping list
  5. Click the menu button to open a new list
  6. Name the list, and choose if it should be your primary. If you prefer to add items by speaking, those items will only be added as a secondary list.
  7. When you are done, press the “Done” button.
  8. Tap the share button at the upper right corner to share your list with someone. Enter their name or email address and hit save.
  9. Tap “Shop This List” to get your list sent to you. You can then check out the order at Google Express.

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How to create a Google Shopping List with Google Express

Google Express will soon be Google Shopping.

  1. Click on Express to open the shopping list.
  2. To add items, you can use your desktop or mobile phone to type or speak.
  3. You can add items to your cart and check them off on desktop or mobile by clicking the checkbox next to each item, or by simply swiping in mobile.
  4. You can delete them by clicking on the trashcan in desktop, or swiping left in mobile. You can click Undo to remove an item that you have accidentally deleted.
  5. Mobile users can alter the order of the items by pressing down on them and then dragging them up or down.

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How to create a Google Shopping List with Google Assistant

Check that your phone meets the requirements for Google Assistant. This is what your phone needs to run Google Assistant.

  1. To access the Assistant, touch and hold the home button of your phone.
  2. Ask the assistant, “What’s on your shopping list?”
  3. Tap the account icon in upper right corner. Next, select settings. Then, services and shopping list.
  4. Tap on the three dots icon and then tap “My Lists”. To see your list, click “+” to create another one. If you have the Express app or Chrome, your shopping list will open in a new browser window.

Google Assistant won’t allow you to delete items, but you can access the Google Home app to check them out.

How to create a shopping list on a desktop

  1. Log in to your Google Account
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the Add Item button and enter your item

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