Five Things You Can Do To Make Your Living Room Larger

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It’s easy to make your living space appear larger and more spacious than you might think. It doesn’t take much to make your living room look bigger. A few decorating tricks is all you need. These are five.

A small living space can be both charming and challenging. If done right, even a tiny living area can become a cozy, welcoming living room. This is what you should strive for as a homeowner. However, it can be difficult to feel relaxed in a living space if you stuff everything into one room.

How can you do the latter? You don’t need to tear down a wall to create more space. It takes only some effort on your part. There are some tricks you can use to trick your eye into believing that your living room is larger. These are five great ideas:

Reduce the clutter

Imagine you are walking into a living space with all the stuff scattered about. To avoid tripping over things, you have to squeeze past chairs and be careful not to knock anything. It feels crowded, busy and cramped. This can cause your living space to lose its feng-shui. This is not what your want.

To make a space appear larger, the first thing to do is organize and tidy it. To improve the flow of traffic through your room, declutter all entryways. Instead of having multiple photos on the walls, use one large painting. Arrange everything in the room, including furniture. You can create the illusion of more living space by removing large rugs and keeping your floor as clean as possible.

Use mirrors to create a sense of openness

Mirrors can reflect both natural and artificial light, as you already know. This can be used to your advantage. You can use this focal point to position your mirrors so that they create the illusion of depth. To decorate your walls, you can use decorative mirrors of small to medium size. You can also hang a large mirror across from a window on the wall.

The concept is that the mirrors will reflect the natural light entering through your windows, creating an illusion of depth and space. Mirror paneling can be used on the fronts of your cabinets, tabletops and closet doors to create a feeling of openness in your living space.

Best Paint Colors That Make A Room Look Bigger
Best Paint Colors That Make A Room Look Bigger

Lights can open up space

Natural light is the best way to open up your living space. Dark rooms can make a space feel smaller and more confined. It is better to choose blinds or curtains that have a clear view of the outside than bulky window coverings that block out the view. For maximum light, install large windows. To let in sunlight, always open your blinds completely. Replace heavy doors with light curtains if possible. Are you really going to use all those doors?

Use light colors on your walls

What are your wall colors? Avoid too many colors and too many hues. You may feel cramped if your walls are dark. It can also feel depressing. Your mood is affected by the color of your room. It’s time to make your space feel brighter, more inviting, and more spacious.

Soft tones such as off-white, grey and blue can replace dark colors. Wall trim and moldings should be painted in lighter colors than walls. This will give the illusion of depth and make your walls appear further back. Your living room will feel larger.

Maximize Your Furniture Arrangement

Furniture can often take up too much space in a room. You need to ensure that your furniture placement is well-balanced and streamlined. It will feel larger and more open if your living space feels spacious.

It is best to place large furniture against walls, leaving plenty of space between them. You can move your furniture from the walkways to make your room larger. Your furniture should be streamlined so that light can flow around it and filter over and under it. This creates a feeling of greater openness. This will make your living space feel more spacious and cozy.

Multi-functional and armless furniture can maximize your open space. You can choose from slipper-style sofas and sofas, folding tables and sofa beds with storage underneath. Chairs with open arms and exposed legs can also be used.

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