Five Home Trends to Watch in 2022

in Home Design

Trends in home design are constantly changing. Every season new colors, accessories, and flooring hit the market. The 2022 trend will not be different. With more people spending more time at home, homeowners are opting to spend more money on renovating and accessorizing their homes. This is in keeping with current home trends. These are the most in-demand trends right now, including decorating with dried flowers and remodeling with laminate flooring

How to create texture walls

Feature walls are back and have been a big trend in recent years. This trend will continue into 2022, when you can now enjoy textured walls. People are using 3D tiles and other coverings in order to create interest in their rooms. You will love the textured wallpapers available for your feature wall.

Popular Trends In Home Interior Decor 2022
Popular Trends In Home Interior Decor 2022

Dried Flowers

Vibrant houseplants are a trend that will not fade. People who love greenery will appreciate having plants that they can care for in their homes. This next trend is for people who want low-maintenance flowers.

2022 will see more dried flowers displayed around the home. The beige tones and unique shapes are a hit with homeowners. They are easy to pair with any vase and require no maintenance.

January Trends I Home Decor Tends 2022
January Trends I Home Decor Tends 2022

Distressed wood laminate floors

Laminate flooring is another home trend you will want to maintain. Laminate flooring is becoming more popular than carpeting and wood. There are many designs to choose from. Many homeowners love the distressed wood look. You can enjoy the rustic look of wood weathering, but without the disadvantages of hardwood. Laminate floors are easy to lay and resist moisture.

Top February Trends I Home Decor Tends 2022
Top February Trends I Home Decor Tends 2022

Permanent Desks

Many people set up temporary work spaces in their homes last year. However, it seems that working from home will be the norm in 2022. More people are opting to have permanent desks built in their homes. These desks are now being added to bedrooms and living rooms, giving them more work space. No more temporary setups. Permanent workspaces with ample space for accessories are the new trend.

Decor with Line Art

Although bright, colorful art has been around for many years now, line art will be dominant in 2022. People are inspired by Magritte and Picasso works. The minimalist design is appreciated by homeowners and can add interest to any room. Line art, which is contemporary and features abstract facial features, draws you in. Line art can be neutralized in color, making it suitable for a range of homes and complementing different furniture styles.

Popular Home Interior Design Trends 2022
Popular Home Interior Design Trends 2022

6 Pack Mini Abstract Line Art

Mini size minimalist wall art prints in 6 packs, in simple yet elegant designs. With their lighthearted, modern feel, these will brighten up your room’s overall design. Three are single-line art posters that create a female image using lines. They can be hung in any room, including bedrooms and college dorm rooms. Nature-inspired pieces depict sunrays shining through the leaves onto the earth below. These posters bring nature’s textures into everyday life and create a relaxed atmosphere.

The Key Features

  • Posters of minimalist wall art
  • Simple, elegant colors and designs
  • Three wall art posters in single-line art style are available. They use simple lines to create a female image.
  • Three are done in nature, with the sun and leaves creating a relaxing and fresh atmosphere.
  • Get close to nature and enjoy the beauty of art
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant
  • Each poster measures 6.48 x 9.21 inches

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