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Because they are easier to clean and remove than wall-to-wall carpets. You can also switch them out easily if you become bored or wish to redecorate.

What is an Area Rug?

An area rug is an accent or rug that doesn’t extend beyond the walls. It is used to anchor furniture in a space.

There are some key rules when it comes to the use of area rugs in your house. These are the top tips for decorating with area rug.

Do you extend rugs under furniture?

Make sure the area rug is long enough to reach the top of all furniture pieces in the room. For example, in a living room, all furniture should be above the rug. If this is not possible, you can have the main legs of large upholstered pieces on top of the rug. The back legs can be removed. All legs for smaller pieces must be on the rug.

The rug should be big enough to accommodate both the table and the chairs in a dining area. It is a good idea to keep the chairs on the rug even if they are being pulled from the table.

Do not skimp on size

When decorating with area rugs, the number one mistake is buying a rug that is too small. It is easy to understand why, especially considering the high price tag for larger rugs. But buying a large rug now will help you save money later on. A rug costs less than a whole room of carpet, and is therefore more affordable.

Do you need to cover high-traffic areas?

You should make sure any areas that are heavily used are completely covered by the rug. People shouldn’t be able to walk on the rug with one foot up and one foot down. This is awkward and uncomfortable and can result in unusual wear patterns on your flooring and rug.

Do not make your bedroom too small

An area rug is useless if it does not extend beyond the bed. Instead of a soft rug, you’ll find yourself stepping onto a hard, cold floor. Before you shop, make sure to measure.

The rug should extend at least 12 inches beyond the bed’s sides for twin or double beds, and 18 inches for queen or king beds. Although you can go larger, these are the minimums that you should look for.

Don’t Leave the Same Space

You should allow the same amount of space between your rug and the floor on each side. You should allow for anywhere between eight and 24 inches of floor space on each side. The most common space is 18 inches. However, you can work with 8 inches in a smaller area. It is important that the rug be centered in the space.

Do not be afraid of color and pattern

A great way to bring joy and playfulness into a room is by purchasing area rugs. You can easily change it if you don’t love it after a few years.

Learn How to Clean It

Before you purchase a rug, make sure to read the instructions. Although sisal, jute and other natural fiber rugs can be inexpensive, they are not easy to clean so you may have to replace them in the event of a spillage. Before you buy, consider your budget and all options.

Avoid putting your best rug in danger

It’s tempting to place your favorite rug in the focal point of your home, like your dining room. However, it might be a mistake. Avoid placing expensive area rugs where they are most likely to cause spills or accidents.

Although rugs are easier to clean than broadloom carpets, it is still possible to stain them. This is especially important if you have pets or children. It is impossible to control the behavior of your family members over your rug so you may want to consider inexpensive and easy-to-clean alternatives for the most hazardous areas in your home.

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