Designer Vern Yip’s Georgia Home Proves That Kids-Friendly Homes Can Still Look Stylish

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The Atlanta-based father to two children is often on the road, but his favourite place is at home. He has many fond memories of special times and places.

Kid-Friendly, Yet Stylish

Vern Yip was warned by friends that once he had children, it would be “goodbye, beautiful house.” He says that it is not true. The father of two and designer from Atlanta, he says that “we haven’t done any different because we have children.”

There are some rules. Some valuable objects are not allowed, and the house is strictly prohibited from kicking the ball around. “There is a large backyard for that. Sometimes things can go wrong. They are only things. Vern Koch and Craig Koch prove that a pet-friendly home doesn’t necessarily have to be characterized by bare tabletops or hose-down upholstery. Their home is full of fine art, antiques and other artifacts from all over the globe.

Craig and Vern bought the 1925 stucco home seven years ago. They upgraded the mechanical systems, ripped up carpeting and refinished oak floors. The next step was to convert the front screen porch into an entryway and create a gracious entrance. The French doors and custom windows were installed in the porch’s arched openings.

Tips For Designing A Kid Friendly Living Room Modsy
Tips For Designing A Kid Friendly Living Room Modsy

Red is associated with luck in China and dominates the color palette. This begins with the foyer where a Baccarat crystal-and wire chandelier drips red crystals. The house is inspired by Asian artifacts. Vern states, “Even though my family has been here since I was two months old,” You weave it through.” Vern Yip was the mother of the center table.

Family Influences

Vern was born to Chinese parents in Hong Kong. His family immigrated to the United States when he was a baby. He grew up in Washington, D.C. His family was very active in travel, and he was exposed many cultures, including his own Asian heritage.

Vern states, “I was raised with many beautiful things in my reach and, believe me. I broke many.” My mom was very clear about what I could touch and what could only be visually appreciated. That was our approach, and it has worked well with our children.

Modern Moroccan Nfluence Ndeed Decor Small Room
Modern Moroccan Nfluence Ndeed Decor Small Room

Vern’s mother is pictured sitting on a console near the stairs. Vern Yip For Trend is a division within Fabricut. Table drapery fabric, trim and trim are available from Fabricut.

A collection of styles

“It was important to me that I grew up with beautiful things, and I saw them every day. It helped me to be who I am today.” The designer recently wrote Vern Yip’s Design Wise, which is a book to help other beautify their homes.

The rules are understood by even the five large dogs, including two Great Pyrenees, that the couple owns. Vern states that the dogs know where they can go and which furniture they can climb on, although it is not always easy. “We have 500-pounds of dog in our home.” Craig is a dog-care specialist at WAG-ALOT in Atlanta.

Donghia living room sofas are covered with “Trellis”, a Siamese Taupe fabric by Jim Thompson. Walls are Sherwin Williams’s “Worldly Gray.” Andrew Moore’s art photograph hangs behind an Indian wooden Hindu Ganesh statue, which was bought in India. Original 1925 house with elegant French doors that open to the fan-top.

Furniture with a personal touch

Craig and Vern have shared their personal stories in the interiors they created. The well-worn leather chairs, modeled after Le Corbusier and purchased by Vern as a low-paid intern in an architectural firm’s office, are found in the living room. He says, “I ate Ramen noodles for three consecutive months after that because it was all I had.” Vern laughs, noting that he brought 45 yards of Jim Thompson silk from Bangkok and stuffed it into an overhead bin. Marrakech was the location of the deep red antique rug.

Decorate with Memories

Treasures from trips to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam have been found on trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. These treasures can be displayed throughout the house on pedestals. Vern states that a home can be made timeless by having objects that remind you of loved ones or trips. He says, “A home that is a reflection of you and your family creates spaces that will last a lifetime.” I love the feeling of being able walk through a room to see items that bring back memories from my past. Your home will be your own if you surround yourself with special memories.

The couple added a second story wing to their home as an addition to the existing entry. This wing houses a family room and library, a bathroom, offices, and a pet room. The master bedroom is upstairs.

One wall is occupied by a large photograph. Red leather sofas from RH provide ample seating.

Cool and Calm Library

Vern and Craig also have a collection of contemporary art and photography. These add an energy and modernity to their spaces and blend well with their Asian antiques.

Elegant, but still a welcoming home

Vern insists that while rooms are filled with beautiful art and exquisite furnishings, this home is a family home. Vern’s fabric collection includes easy-to-clean synthetic blends that are used in draperies and chairs. “I must be practical. We have children and dogs. He says that we need beautiful things and easy-to-maintenance. “I want a home that is welcoming and warm, that reflects who I am.”

Vern Yip Trend has spice-colored fabrics and trims that can be used for draperies, chair upholstery and table runners. “Flexible blends are great from a performance standpoint. He says they don’t wrinkle, are colorfast and durable.”

A charming, playful space

The playroom is just as beautiful as any other room in the house and is as well-appointed. Philippe Starck’s classic ghost chairs are miniature versions that circle around a driftwood-table.

Modern Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has a bold “Modern Metropolis Bed” from Ralph Lauren Home, layered with duvets in Jim Thompson’s “Kosa Pan”, and Vern Yip Trend “Manhattan Texture,” in charcoal. Marrakech is the source of the red pillow sham.

Pops of color

The master bath features two Kohler “Purist Swimming Pool” sinks, each with gooseneck spouts sourced from Kallista.

A colorful and exotic guest room

Above the bed hangs a blue “Paris Petal Pendant”, Vern Yip for Stonegate Designs. Vern Yip for Trend fabrics were used to create the “Exotic Sky”, colorful duvet and bed, and settee pillows as well as the mustard-hued “Manhattan Texture” draperies.

Vibrant Orange Accents

Bright orange is used in Vera’s bedroom to provide a bright contrast to the deep brown walls. The bed spread, drapery hardware and the light fixture above are decorated with floral motifs.

Fun Patterns

The bedroom of Gavin is set by cool gray stripes. Red pillowshams with a dog motif are a fun addition of color.

A Family Home

Craig Koch (left) and Vern are pictured in the pavilion together with their children, Gavin (6, and Vera (5, respectively). Frontgate supplied all the furniture and the rug, draperies and rug. Vern created the ceramic dogs.

Vern is a UNICEF Ambassador, a columnist at The Washington Post and oversees the manufacturing of his home furnishings products including fabrics and accessories. Vern and Craig often have their children along on these global adventures, experiencing the same kind of adventures Vern had as a child.

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