Check out Bethenny Frankel’s TriBeCa Loft Remodel: From Bland to Bold

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The 3,400-square-foot luxury apartment is located in Manhattan’s TriBeCa neighborhood. It is proof that dreams can be realized. It all began with an inspiration book, and ended in Bethenny Frankel’s dream home.

Bethenny Ever After

Reality star, Skinnygirl founder, business mogul and soon-to be five-time author, compiled a list of her favorite furniture and design ideas while living in a one-bedroom apartment before she made her career-changing appearance as Martha Stewart on The Apprentice. She confides that she made the book 15 years ago with items I wanted but couldn’t afford.

This combination of ideas was a great help when she renovated her three-bedroom, three bathroom home last spring on Bravo’s reality TV show Bethenny Ever After. Weekly episodes covered everything from choosing the right powder room tile to dealing avec prickly contractor situations.

Bethenny is no stranger to the old expression “all the earth’s a stage”. Her life has been open for many years. After a stint on the Real Housewives of New York City, without her husband, Bethenny became a mother and has Bethenny Ever After.

She took a cue from Martha Stewart, her first TV boss. She sold her Skinnygirl brand to Fortune Brands’ Beam Global. Forbes featured her as “one the new celebrity money-makers.” She envisions one day having a home collection with pieces that are unique, limited and affordable.

Before: Too Neutral

After seeing their work in a book, Brooke Gomez and Mariette Himes Gomez, a mother-daughter team from New York, she hired them. Bethenny calls them the “Gomez Girls” because they are well-known for their sophisticated, serene interiors. They use neutral tones and clean lines in a comfortable and modern setting. The 42-year old entrepreneur says, “I loved the movie Something’s Gotta Give, because it reminded me of their style.” They are extremely high-end. They are very high-end.

Take A Look Inside Bethenny Frankel39s Newly Listed
Take A Look Inside Bethenny Frankel39s Newly Listed

It was no easy task to design with a camera crew, but the experienced designers made it a breeze. We had fun working together and enjoyed being a team. Brooke says that although there were many moving parts (e.g. with the architect and contractor), at the end of it all, everyone worked well together.

After: Filling with Inspiration

The inspiration for the apartment’s design was Bethenny’s starburst chandelier. Bethenny bought the American flag painting, which hangs near the dining table, from a SoHo street vendor. Chuck Soldano created the spiral diptych that can be seen on the wall to the right.

Brooke explains that it all began with the starburst ceiling light fixture. Brooke says that the inspiration book was her bible. It’s very useful to know what clients like. Bethenny desired calm and a “less is more” approach. She was clear about what she wanted and did not hesitate to ask for it. That was the true driving force behind the entire process.

The furnishings include a mixture of designer fabrics, wallpapers by Ted Tyler and Mariette’s Hickory Furniture upholstery, as well as Bethenny’s finds at Ikea and Restoration Hardware. Many of these items became the main plot point of the show. Bethenny states, “I knew that I wanted something from an artist in New York.” Practicality and lack of clutter are the rules of the game. I am a “use-what-you have” type. I’m all about having less stuff than I need.

Use Her Lucky Colors

The open living space’s cream-and-beige color scheme is accented by pops of orange-red. This color is Bethenny’s favorite and Skinnygirl’s signature. She says, “Red is both my lucky color as well as a powerful color.” It can be seen throughout her New York City apartment.

Charming Accent Piece

The living room is complete with a Missoni bicycle that Bethenny bought at an early-morning Target sales.

Before: There was room to work

The kitchen and dining area had plenty of space.

After: Bright and open floor plan

Designers added a banquette to the open-plan kitchen for casual seating.

The epitome of Organization

The streamlined home office is Bethenny’s hub for her growing Skinnygirl empire, which includes wine, margaritas, skincare products, and her books, including The Power of Yes, Health and Fitness Volumes, and Skinnydipping novel. Hidden storage can be found at the touch of your fingertip, thanks to walls of laminate off-white with Skinnygirl colors. The office mirrors Bethenny’s work ethic with three work stations and a make-up center. She notes that “every inch of the office is used, and it’s very well organized.” It’s the heart of the apartment. There’s also the fun of a Skinnygirl surfing board and large gifts from Anderson Cooper (microphone), and Andy Cohen (martini glasses). A laminate cabinet with Bethenny’s Skinnygirl logo is displayed.

Before: Life was not enough

Before the designers arrived, the walls in Bryn’s bedroom were bare and lifeless.

After: Royally Charming

This bedroom features a custom-designed wallpaper of a monkey by Ted Tyler, and a pink ottoman and chair.

Get Hooked On Organization

Bryn’s closet shows her mother’s knack for organization. Colorful hooks provide hanging storage.

Calming Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was decorated with a soft-blue tufted headboard by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. The walls are covered in muted gray with custom wallpaper by Ted Tyler, featuring rose-patterned patterns.

A dreamy master closet

Her piece de resistance? The to-die-for den-turned-master-closet. The enviable collection Manolos and Jimmy Choos as well as Valentinos and Birkin bags make this a standout space. Bethenny said, “Every girl has her vice.” It’s clearly her favorite room. “I have longed for a closet like this all my life. And finally, I don’t have to put things under the bed.”

Sparkling Details

The Skinnygirl logo is displayed on a jeweled bag in the large closet.

Zen Master Bathroom

The master bathroom has a spa-like feeling thanks to the beautiful turquoise.

What’s next for Bethenny?

Next for Bethenny: Talk show on daytime: A natural choice for a woman who is naturally a talker. Ellen DeGeneres produces the show. “The show offers a fresh view and consists of subjects [like] what women discuss when men are not present,” she said. She has a dream guest in Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and Pink. Shows on her passions (healthy foods and children’s schools are also on her list.

How is she able to do it all? Bethenny, a type-A personality, says that she is organized and requires everyone around her to be so. “My schedule is very busy and I’m a multitasker. It’s all about balance and checks. I don’t procrastinate. It’s just what I do! Bethenny is an accomplished woman whose mantra is “yes”, and her dreams are bright.

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