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3D Modeling Tutorials

There are many strategies and philosophies on what is the best method for modeling the human form digitally. After researching and practicing with a great deal of them, I have developed my own workflow that achieves efficient edge flow quickly and flexibly. The basic strategy I use is to create the most bare-bones simple mesh that can be made while having the poly edges following the direction of the major anatomical features. More detail is then added by inserting edge loops and then tweaked vert by vert.

These tutorials are aimed at the modeler who has at least basic skill with polymodeling in any modern package. I did them in Maya, but they should cross over to most any modeler out there. In these videos, I also point out a lot of problems that character modelers run into and how to get better results. Lastly, These tutorials are meant to help you get started on the right foot...they don't show you all the work that goes into polishing the model to finished quality. The files are .MOV videos, right click on the link and save them to your computer.

The Ear - 85MB (ear reference photo)
The Head - 50MB
The Hand - 87MB (hand reference photos: front, side, top)
The Torso - 36MB